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Why learn Clinical Hypnosis?

Using clinical hypnosis in your medical or mental health practice will enhance your ability to assist patients or clients to change their behaviour, cognitions and attitudes. By using hypnosis with patients or clients, you will be able to directly work with the subconscious mind to modify perceptions and beliefs, promoting rapid cognitive and behavioural change. Clinical hypnosis has many applications in medicine and mental health work. Additional benefits of clinical hypnosis include increased patient or client engagement, and more rapid and long-standing change in attitudes, cognitions and behaviours. This training is suitable for trained and registered health and mental health professionals only.

This innovative online course is an ideal and effective way to discover how to use clinical hypnosis with your clients. It is especially appropriate for health and mental health professionals who work in regional settings and who cannot access face-to-face training.

Online Postgraduate Training in Clinical Hyposis

Available nationally through Hypnosis Training Australia

The Online Training Course is fully online and requires active input from participants in the form of hypnosis scripts and other practice homework. The Online training will provide you with the instruction and practice you need to immediately begin effectively using clinical hypnosis in your medical or mental health setting. You can commence the course anytime and work at your own pace. You are trained by experts and you have access to supervision and guidance both during and after training.

The Online Clinical Hypnosis Training Course is not VET accredited as it is a Postgraduate Training Course available only to health and mental health professionals registered with AHPRA or ARCP. This distinguishes it from courses not so restricted.

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